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I'm Alive

There are two reasons that I stopped posting blog entries after the 6th week of WDI. The main reason is that I’ve simply been too busy. During the 7th week I was so busy on the 2nd project, which was a group project, and after that it just continued to stay busy; every spare minute I was either working on homework, projects, or studying. I even started to feel behind when I let myself go out a couple times. It’s no joke, you cannot try to have a social life while doing a bootcamp.

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BestBeachToday Project

The app that I first set out to create, and the one that I presented on Demo Day on Friday are different, because I really had to scale my vision down and just produce the MVP due to lack of time. I'd like to think of what I presented as a working prototype. I plan on making it lots better.

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WDI Week Four

We’ve started our first projects, so this will be a shorter summary than usual. Also, we only had a 4-day week due to Bartolomé Day, so I spent a good portion of Monday making my homework better and better and trying to study up on stuff.

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WDI Week Three

It really does feel like these weeks are just blowing by so quickly. Over the weekend I stumbled across some shortcuts in TextMate that I didn’t realize existed and made me love the software even more. The first couple days of the week were very mini-project based, which was nice. I said to my husband Tuesday night, “I’ve made 3 basic web apps this week…and it’s only Tuesday.” It’s really nice to have things like that to show the progress we’re making. First business of the week was that they mixed up the Camels and the Snakes, because when they polled us they found that we wanted more interaction with the other students. So I had to switch into the Camel classroom, which I like a lot better because there’s no glare on my glossy computer screen causing me extreme difficulty all day.

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Computer Science in JavaScript: Merge Sort

This blog post from Nicholas Zakas is the best explanation I’ve seen online for doing a merge sort in JavaScript. Most of the other posts I looked at give you code, but don’t talk you through it. I knew there was a reason I buy his books!

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